Friday, February 3, 2017

Samsung ER-700 Manual pdf Download

Samsung ER-700 could be the one tool you have been searching for all this time. If you want something small yet sturdy and can perform tasks as it is expected to do, this is the one for you. As it is small in build and compact in design, the machine is easy carry and it is equally easy to operate too.

This attribute the machine possesses makes it even more suitable for use in small kiosks or a tiny store. The use of this tool will help you get more organized in whipping up a report as well as tracking all the items you have in your store.

Samsung ER-700 is equipped with 35 keys, all available to be set according to what you need. It makes for 2.5 lps of printing while its display uses VFD system to show numbers being input. With a weight measuring to 3.2 kg, the tool uses 12 volts of energy and bears 32 kb or RAM.

Samsung ER-700

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Samsung ER-700 comes with a rear display, a drawer jack, and an RS-232C interface part. For ease of use and flexibility, an adapter is included too so you do not have to be stuck in one spot to operate it.

Samsung ER-700 Manual pdf Download:

Samsung ER-700 ⟹ Download
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